What measures are the Casinos doing to Safeguard their Custumers

In addition to the criteria for the best online casino mentioned so far, there is one point very close to our heart: responsible gaming. In our experience, only those who accept their individual limits will have fun and be on the winning side in the long term. Should something get out of hand, there are fortunately some places you can turn to. On most casino pages like bestcanadacasino.ca you will find a short questionnaire with which you can estimate your risk of being addicted to gambling.

It is quick and easy to complete and you can get help from organisations such as GamCare, GAMSTOP, “Spiel Bewusst” or Anonymous Gamblers (GA). Also, the casino platforms offer some settings in the options that will help you in this matter. For example, daily, weekly and monthly limits can be set or you can take a (temporary) time-out and have your account temporarily blocked.

The safest casinos on the Internet

We’ve talked a lot about security in gaming in the previous sections, and have listed the criteria you should pay particular attention to. Now we’re going to get down to brass tacks and call you good online casinos that stand out when it comes to security and also have a good reputation among players. They all have state licenses and are extensively tested by us. If you have any problems with a game, you can count on professional and reliable customer service in your own language.

Most of them are the most exclusive online casinos on the market, they have a wealth of experience and know what is important to us players.

In the table below, you will find, in addition to the mentioned seals for responsible gaming organizations, certificates from independent testing institutes and the license number of the respective casino.

If you want, you can use this number to go to the website of the respective state licensing authority and get more information. In this way, you can quickly find out, without having to do a great deal of searching, to which company a platform belongs and whether they operate any other online gaming libraries.

The best online casino games at a glance

One of the most important criteria for a good online casino is without doubt the range of games on offer. The big advantage of a provider on the Internet is that there is virtually no limit to the number of different games.

Unlike in a gaming house, where the choice of slots is limited by the premises, an online casino can offer hundreds of different machines. Therefore, you can also play numerous table games online that you will rarely find in casinos. There are, however, between the individual online casinos still partly big differences, which is why the amount of casino games has a not inconsiderable share in the overall rating.

Usually online casinos from each of these categories have several game variants in the offer. There are, however, again and again providers who concentrate more on slot machines and neglect other casino games or do not offer them at all.

The selection of table and betting limits is but everywhere very good. Low stakes bets in the cent range up to bets of several hundred euros per round are possible almost everywhere. Some casinos go a step further and offer very high limits, which are also interesting for high rollers.

Secure online casinos for slot machines

Slotmachines are considered the best online casino game, even in Canada. The special attraction lies in the simple and entertaining game principle, coupled with the chance of high payouts. No other casino game can offer such high payouts, especially with progressive jackpots.

Slots are unique in terms of their variety of structure, symbols (wild, scatter), rules and themes, so that none of the many thousands of online slots available is like any other. A good casino therefore has a particularly large selection of slot machine games, but the developers of the slots is also an important criterion, because the titles that are available at all depend on them.

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